About Peachlady Crafts

Are you someone who is in love with vintage and bohemian style?
Are you looking for the perfect piece to decorate your living or work space?
Do you cherish more of the small business owner's handmade art works?  
If that's you, you are absolutely at the right place!
Peachlady Crafts is a female owned business originated in Charlotte, NC. Its owner Celia has her talent in creating beautiful home decor wall hangings, jewelries and accessories with fiber mainly focusing on cotton cords. Her style varies from vintage boho to modern chick.
At Peachlady Crafts, we believe the best feeling you can have is spending quality time with your loved ones at a loving living space! 
And that is what we can do for you.
These macrame home decors brings the perfect vibe to your homes. They can be both beautiful and fun in the looks with great quality made by the Artist's hands. We also offer custom orders for larger macrame pieces to individual homes, retails, hotels, corporations or to any public industry. 


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