About The Peachlady

Hi friends, my name is Celia and I am the owner of Peachlady Crafts. 


I picked the name "Peachlady" simply because I love everything PEACH! Peach pie, peach tea, peach soda, peach candy, you name it… Peach-things makes me happy, and I want to create products that pass happiness on to you.


I started the handmade craft shop in April 2019. I currently live in Charlotte, NC where in 2020, I started to teach Macrame workshops at local community events. I hope sharing my knowledge and my love for crafting will encourage everyone to explore their own forms of creativity.  Crafting has always been in my blood. I love sewing, crocheting, drawing Mandalas, making felt toys and mostly, I love making knots with fiber cords that makes a piece of Macrame. To me, every collection of my Macrame-style artwork represents a free-spirited way of thinking and living, and an ode to Bohemian fashion styles.


I am a very easy going and extroverted person. I love to make new friends and drink coffee. I am also a big dancer too. If you enjoy any of these things and/or crafts, be sure to join us on social media (https://www.instagram.com/peachladycrafts/).  I love connecting with my community and customers.  And I want to hear from you on what types of products you'd like to see from Peachlady.


Ok, off you go.  Thank you for visiting my page!


Love first,

Celia - The Peachlady